後藤 美沙 | MISA GOTO

Staple Inc., Director
Born and raised in Yokohama and Zushi. She started her career in real estate at Mitsui Fudosan after recognizing how japanese cities are developed in unique way through living abroad in University. After being assigned to investment depertment(REIT) with a desire to developing human scale city in more tangible way, she decided to quit Mitsui Fudosan and started her second career at UDS Ltd.. Then she wan involved in the hotel development PJ.such as yuen Shinjyuku, Sapporo, and Daita. Visiting K5 opening party gave her a huge shock and brought her to join Staple with dreaming making memorable and unique hotels as K5 is. Recently, her love of art and fixtures has led her to select and direct items that add color to spaces.