Privacy Policy

    Staple Inc. (“we”) hereby declares that we duly abide by the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information in order to secure the appropriate and adequate processing and maintenance of such information for our business purposes.

    1.Collecting your personal data

    We may collect personal data in extent necessary when you:

    • contact us
    • use our services

    2.Purposes of collecting personal data

    We collect your personal data for the following purposes.

    • To provide customers with service information, etc.
    • To respond to inquiries from customers
    • To provide service to customers
    • To enhance our service offering.

    3.Third-party access to your personal data

    Providing any personal information to a third party outside is prohibited except following situations:

    • when we get customers’ agreement
    • when police or public offices offer by request from the police or public office
    • when exact prescribe specifications of the laws

    4.Access and modification

    You have the right to access your personal data collected by us, to correct it, etc.


    Staple Inc.
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