• Akiya Kanagawa
  • Soil work in Akiya Village/Akiya Kanagawa

    Just an hour from the city center, Akiya is a place surrounded by the sea and mountains, offering a sense of tranquility and escape from everyday life. Located on the southern side of Hayama, Akiya has been famous as a villa area since ancient times, yet remains relatively unknown. It is a hidden gem, untouched by extensive development—a true diamond in the rough. Akiya is a popular area among nature lovers and discerning individuals looking to relocate.

    Play, live, work, eat, and connect—Akiya Village serves as the activity hub for residents of Akiya and the surrounding areas. It is a multifaceted facility housing an Edible Garden, sauna, gym, community kitchen, cafe & restaurant, and offices (Soil Work). This complex is designed to cater to the needs of the community, creating a space where people can come together and engage in various activities.

  • Soil work in SANU Ichinomiya
  • Soil work in SANU Ichinomiya/Chiba

    Known as the town of surfing, Ichinomiya in Chiba Prefecture is a coastal gem. 'Soil Work Ichinomiya' is a cooperative office located within 'SANU 2nd Home Ichinomiya 1st,' a project developed by Sanu Corporation. Here, you can take a break from work and enjoy the sea, working in a relaxed environment where time flows at a leisurely pace compared to the bustling city. Positioned as a nature-centric hub within Soil Work, this location aims to be a base that encourages the realization of one's own lifestyle amidst nature.

  • A&A
  • A&A /Okayama

    Launched by the Ishikawa Foundation in Okayama City in 2019, 'A&A' is a one-unit, one-night lodging facility designed by a unit of contemporary artists and architects. Leveraging the rich cultural resources, museums, and significant architectural structures in Okayama, the facility aims to deepen the understanding of Okayama's charm through small-scale accommodation, ultimately increasing repeat visitors. Staple will take over the management of 'A&A' to continue its operation.

  • Ladies' Clinic Naminami
  • Ladies' Clinic Naminami/Meguro, Tokyo

    "Welcoming various 'waves' of women's physical condition and life, we want to create a clinic where women can relax a bit, let go of their shoulders, and feel comfortable." Embracing the vision of Dr. Kanatani, Staple has undertaken the planning and supervision. It comes with a delightful little treat, an Herbal Ice Stand, Erb.

  • ハーバルアイススタンド Erb
  • Herbal Ice Stand Erb/Meguro, Tokyo

    Located just a 4-minute walk from Meguro Station, this ice cream stand started by Staple, adjacent to Ladies' Clinic Naminami, aims to create its connection with the town. Featuring seasonal flavors of ice cream made with herbs, spices, and citrus, Erb also offers specialty coffee and herbal tea.

  • MEIJI PARK MARKET/Tokyo Metropolitan Meiji Park

    A place embodying the concept of "a park within the park," where both children and adults can spend a relaxed and harmonious time. "Parklet," known for its sourdough bread made from natural ingredients, along with its café division, "Parklet Kiosk," and the buttermilk fried chicken specialty shop "Baby J's" open simultaneously. In the center, there is a public space reminiscent of a dining area, allowing visitors to use it as an open space for dining, resting, and relaxation, much like sitting on a park bench. It becomes a community-oriented place for the neighborhood.